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Aladin Download Interface

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The original data fro this interface came from Matthias Heinrichs’ pages Many thanks to Matthias for allowing re-use of some of his information and drawings.

The interface presented here is for download only. You need to use a far more complex circuit to allow upload (i.e. programming your Aladin)

Logical diagram

This is the logical diagram of the circuit (sorry I never got formal electronics training, so that is probably the wrong nomenclature)

component diagram

The components diagrammed in, those of you with access to PCB etching could possibly work some magic from this.

verro board layout

The circuit transferred to a small bit of verro board. It's perhaps not the best possible track use, but its none the less compact, and it works.

This design is said to only work with the DOS Uwatec software, or the shareware WLog.

The designs presented here worked for me, but I cannot take any responsibility for the results of you following these instructions. I do not accept responsibility for the correct function of the interface or any damage caused by its use or construction.

All this information about diving is NOT a substitute for proper training.
Do not use this web site’s information as a substitute for training, you will get yourself, or others killed or injured.
If you want to learn to dive do so via a recognised agency and a qualified instructor.