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Dive Photographs

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random clip art Information about holiday reviews in our section on holidays. This section includes details about Sharm and Dahab in Egypt (where most of my diving, and hence dive photos originate). There is also details of Kenya (two dives, no photos), the Maldives (Meeru and Kandooma) and Mexico. All of these locations contributed to dive these photos.
random clip art If you are just after photographs, then you might also be interested in photos from various holidays and trips in our section on photography.

The newest photos are all taken on my Olympus CZ-300 Digital camera and housing or if they are older my Sea and Sea MX5 35mm snap-shot camera on 100 ASA film (print or slide) at various locations round the world. They are by no means the best UW shots ever taken, but they are the best ones I have taken!. Most of these images may be clicked on to view a larger version of the image.


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picture from Sharm


Sharm (on Egypt’s Sinai coast) is a busy international dive resort, and with good reason - spectacular corals and fish.

Sharm is a location I intend to keep going back to, you should go there.

picture from Dahab


Dahab, is just 50Km north of Sharm, and offers more spectacular diving, with less crowds, less hassle, less sophistication and less facilities. don’t let this deter you, it’s fantastic.

Dahab is just as good under the water, and I will be back, you should go there too!

picture from Kandooma


A small Maldivian island with fantastic dive sites. This island is used mainly by German tourists, has no easily accessible house reef (you have to us the free twice daily dohni trip to get to it) but is otherwise a fantastic Maldivian holiday destination.

I’ve been to two Maldivian islands now, they make for very relaxing holidays, and fine diving. You have to choose your sites well to avoid the worst of the coral bleaching, but there are plenty of top notch sites out there.

Go there

picture from Cozumel


Cozumel (a large island off Mexico’s Yucatan peninsular) offers some world class diving, but be warned the good sites are interspersed with some pretty shabby ones, so get a guide book and ask for the names you see recommended when you hit the boat.

Go there or not? If you plan your diving to go to the good sites then go, if you take a random dive school choice you may be disappointed.

picture from Oman


Oman is a winter sun destination which offers some good, enjoyable diving at extremely unspoilt and uncrowded sites. The locals are very polite, friendly people.

Go there.