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Photos taken on my Sea and Sea MX5 35mm snap-shot camera on Fuji 100 ASA colour film. I have to be honest here and admit; at least some of these photos were taken whilst snorkelling too.

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anemony2_thumb.jpg anemony_thumb.jpg clownfish_thumb.jpg coral3_thumb.jpg featherstar2_thumb.jpg featherstar_thumb.jpg fish1_thumb.jpg fish3_thumb.jpg fish4_thumb.jpg fish5_thumb.jpg fivebarwrasse_thumb.jpg lionfish_thumb.jpg manta10_thumb.jpg manta11_thumb.jpg manta12_thumb.jpg manta3_thumb.jpg manta4_thumb.jpg manta5_thumb.jpg manta6_thumb.jpg manta7_thumb.jpg nudiabrancs_thumb.jpg sorry, these nudiabrancs are badly out of focus, but its the only photo I have of them! batfish_thumb.jpg Bat fish. These fellas will follow you round on a dive, playing in your bubbles, and often feature in the evening meal! coral2_thumb.jpg coral4_thumb.jpg moray1_thumb.jpg moray3_thumb.jpg picaso_thumb.jpg unicorn_thumb.jpg