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This page contains links to reviews of every dive site I can name, in the hope that someone will find that information in someway handy (I know I ended up going to Kandooma in the Maldives as a result of every search for "good diving in the Maldives" coming up with "Kandooma Caves".

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I have had the pleasure of going to Egypt on five separate holidays, the last four all solely for the purpose of diving.


Dahab is a small town about 50Km north of Sharm. Its a far more Egyptian place, and much more laid back. It has a reputation as a bit of a hippy haven, and does feature some the most laid back diving I have ever done. Nice.


Sharm has its own international airport but you will mock that description when you are in the crush at one of the arrival or departure lounges. With extensive dive, bar, restaurant and hotel facilities Sharm is a very cosmopolitan version of Egypt. The place exists solely as a tourist destination, so is very westernised (but with a unique Egyptian twist). The diving is top notch.



Caribbean sea diving in lovely warm waters, Sharm for Americans. But less fish and less coral :-)


Indian ocean coral reef diving, paradise islands and fantastic fish.


Whilst I was here for the land safari (which is fantastic, good enough to forgo diving for!) I did get some diving in in 5m visibility in the southern most section of Kenya’s coast that remained diveable at that time of year.


It took me about 4 years to sum up the enthusiasm to dive in the UK, but Capernwray was much better than I expected.


A host of very good dives in nice warm water, with the added bonus of turtles and cuttle fish.