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The hotel’s (Allegro resort, Cozumel) on-site dive operation Dive Palancar’s whole supply of tanks are exclusively Aluminium 80s (in USA imperial speak, or about 11L in metric) and are of sufficient vintage to be yoke only. They do not posess a removable inset! Be warned and take an adaptor if you use DIN regulators.

Diving? Well I did my diving in Cozumel, and was very nearly put off doing more than one dive due to the poor quality of the initial site. Fortunately after a few days I couldn’t resist the water and went again, and was rewarded with two very good deep (30m) dives at San Francisco wall and Columbia reef. (see my online log book or just read these following extracts...)

Cedel el Passo

Very disappointing dive site. The coral was very few and far between, it was mostly a flat sand bottom with a few patches of coral sprinkled on the bottom. And despite the guides assertion that its a good fish spotting dive there was not much in the way of fish to be seen, just what seemed to be hundreds of lobsters. As a first dive, at a supposedly good site, I was left very disillusioned by Cozumel. It took three days before I could summon the enthusiasm to try another dive. I must have been spoilt by the Red Sea.

San-fransisco Reef

Much better than my first (very disappointing Cozumel dive). This was a nice sloping (40 to 60 degree) coral wall with a good selection of large sponges and a fan corals. At this point I will believe that Cozumel is a world class diving site. I also must remember to empty my BC before starting the ascent from my safety stop, near empty AL cylinders near the surface do not like me, and I do not like them.

Columbia Reef

Ah, now this is what I had been lead to expect from Cozumel diving. Towering coral pillars with large sponges and coral fans, very photogenic (and the first diving outing for my new Sea and Sea MX5 camera). This dive featured pillars easily 20m high, an a couple of easy swim throughs.