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Diani Beach

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Whilst at Diani beach I took a couple of dives with The Crab on the offshore side of the reef in 2m swell, and visibility of about 5-6m.

Image of teh Crab dive school

The Crab dive school

This was only my second and third ever dives, which made the conditions very challenging (I was not qualified at this point, so I was escorted by the dive guide) as a result a dive that now may have been a little disappointing due to the low vis was made very exciting by both that low vis and the swell (This all seemed very extreme hard core stuff to me then!).

Limited visibility hampered the beast spotting, but eel and lion fish were amongst the more impressive finds. This beach site was quite far south of Mombasa. We chose it because in August the prevailing sea currents stir up lots of sediment and make diving impractical over much of the coast further north. (see my online log book)