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Oman (new year 2006)

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We were in Oman for a holiday, something which is still quite rare, staying at the Oman dive centre. This is a nice clean hotel set in it's own bay with sandy beach, about a 10 minute drive from the eastern outskirts of Muscat. the Oman dive centres dive school is run by Nabucco Extra Divers. this German run dive school was friendly and efficient (although a lot more laid back about boat departure times than most German schools!)

image of dive Nabuco Extra Divers school Oman

Nabucco Extra Divers

Diving is all done from the fleet of small boats powered by two big outboard motors. These make relatively short work of the trips to the sites (about 20 minutes normally) The boats are small open decks with a sun awning. Dives were two tank outings. One single tank dive in the morning, followed by a surface interval on a nearby beach (with coffee and fruit or biscuits) then a second single tank dive before heading home. There was plenty of drinking water on board, but no head. Tanks are all DIN or International, and Nitrox is available.

Notable Sites

Wreck of the El Munnasier.

I thought this was a fantastic wreck dive. Possibly not to the tastes of hard core wreckies, since it was deliberately sunk three yeas ago (ie about 2003) as a dive attraction, and as such sits with its bottom at 31m perfectly upright, and with easy internal access. After just 3 years this wreck has a very impressive coral encrusting, and is home to vast shoals of sweepers, and many laced eels, lion fish, Gobies, and the odd Nudiabranc.

Novice Bay

Despite the name this is a lovely site corals, fish, the works. All very pretty. As an added bonus the deco spot is home to many a sleeping turtle.

Fahal island.

This was the only site we had to find by GPS, being a good 100m off the visible island, it consists of a pair of massive rocks (about 15m high) sticking up from the bottom (at 30m) The rocks are totals covered in soft coral and Anenomies, so much so they both look hairy! Its location in relatively deep, non-costal water makes these rocks total fish magnets, well worth the longer boat ride to get there.