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This is where a wax lyrical about SCUBA diving, my latest hobby, simultaneously trying to justify it with a poor attempt to provide some information and resources on the whole SCUBA thing. The navigation bar above provides some links to several pages that are poor excuses for information, but you may be lucky, it might be helpful :-) as for the rest of this page, that’s just my own cautional tale about how addictive this diving lark is.

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random clip art Information about holidays I took mostly to get some diving in!

How I got a dive monkey on my back

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Oh diving, you do it once and find yourself just blown away buy the whole experience. You float neutrally in the water, your not fighting to stay down or to surface, its not so much floating but flying. Gravity seems to be turned off! Then you realise you are breathing under water - Outstanding! Finally your brain begins to accept these odd goings-on and your eyes finally get them selves noticed and you begin to see the fish, the plants, the coral and the like.

It’s no good you have become hooked, you just have to do it again....

Nice SCUBA picture

Oh, a nice warm holiday, with nice warm sea. Is that a hotel dive operator I spy? Excellent. Oh dear, you have found a way to feed the habit, a quick fix of a few dives during the yearly summer holiday. How nice.

You think your new habit is under control, you can stop any time, right? Wrong! Soon you begin to envy those experienced people that get to dive nicer locations than the dive operators will let you go, Why? They are certified. The idea of getting certified implants itself in your head, somewhere in your sub-conscience the addiction develops...

Nice SCUBA picture

You have convinced yourself that it really is cheaper if you are certified, after all the dive packs for qualified divers are cheaper then the hand holding introductory sessions aren't they? So you do a PADI or SSI or BSAC entry level course (I went the PADI route in the Maldives) and become a real diver.

Oh but your habit isn't satisfied, it has you now you see. Now it makes you want those nice shiny toys in that most evil of places - The Dive Shop!

SCUBA clip art

You fool! You looked in a dive shop didn't you? You saw the precious things, now you want them....

Oh so many things, so little money. If you must be foolish enough to enter a dive shop take a friend who doesn't dive, or your other half (provided she/he doesn't dive) you will need someone to make you stop! Have a laugh and see the things I bought before being dragged out by people with more sense.

Needless to say precious things are nice but the only thing that can bring the dive obsessed true Nirvana is diving. Resign yourself to the fact that all future holidays will be planned round places you must dive.

I have a diving monkey on my back, its telling me to dive more often, but so far it only gets what it wants on holiday, see where mine has made me go, look at my on-line dive book.

SCUBA clip art

Oh yes, one handy tip that will save you from a little bit of spending; where is how to build an Aladin download interface to go with that shiny new Uwatek dive computer you had to have.

What’s next ? well I am very tempted to get in to UK diving, so far I have been strictly a warm water holiday diver, but now I own some gear it just sits there calling "use us, use us.." from it’s bag. From all indications (unless you are made of ice) this means learning how to dive in a dry suit, then ultimately buying one, weights, a hood, gloves and a tank. But why fight it, when you live on a island, not diving it seems plain wrong!

Update! Well I took the plunge and went diving in the UK. To be fair I waited till well into the summer, and it was an inland site, but it was surprisingly pleasant, not cold, and most of all fun. I am probably doomed now to just let that dive monkey abuse me even when I am at home. Oh well it was bound to happen sooner or later...