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Holidays - where have I been and what was it like

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This section of the site details various holiday destinations I have had the pleasure (or otherwise) to visit. With luck it may help you decide if you really want to follow in my footsteps. At least its a true version of the location (good and bad). Hope it helps.



A drinkers’ holiday, Dublin is a fantastic city break for the alcoholicaly inclined, so it suited us just fine. It’s a fairly pretty city with tons of great pubs, and restaurants, and a good selection of tourist attractions to while away the hours.



The capital of Egypt, a huge bustling city that now reaches almost spitting distance of the Pyramids.

The Nile

A tour down the Nile visiting all the famous archaeological sites along the way.


Divers’ paradise, on the Sinai peninsular is a large town for tourists; all hotels, dive centres, bars and restaurants.


A more authentically Egyptian version of Sharm, 50Km further up the coast, and far less developed, its still very laid back, and rather scruffy. Nice.

New! A Rough Guide to Sharm and Dahab

If your thinking of popping to Sharm-El-Sheikh or Dahab, or just about any Egyptian resort on the Sinai peninsular, then you will pass through the experience that is "Sharm-El-Sheikh International Airport". For that reason alone you need to know what awaits you, and my rough guide is just what you need. Mind you if your just going to Egypt then most of this is just as applicable, go on have a look!



Touring round this part of Mexico looking at the Mayan archaeological sites followed by a week in an all inclusive resort on Cozumel.


All inclusive slobbing out, and a spot of diving in what (from the UK side of the Atlantic) seems to be America’s Sharm.



Our most recent trip to the Maldives, Kandooma was chosen simply because it kept coming up on searches for top diving and the Maldives, they weren’t wrong. It was also relatively cheap!


Tropical paradise island in the sun, that’s what you get in the Maldives, and Meeru didn’t disappoint. Learnt to dive there as well.



Fantastic city break, Barcelona is a very pretty city with lots to do, especially if you like a drop of vino-tinto and some tappas :-)



Bunk barning; like camping but with a solid (heated) building to kip in. This is a nice spot just outside Sheffield but smack bang in the peak district. Very pretty fantastic pubs (One portion at the Little John is the size of three meals elsewhere, and trust me the bingo it insane!)

Rosedale Abbey

Camping in the North York Moors, nice camp site (getting a bit anally retentive since joining the dreaded caravan club, but its a choice of one in this village). Great scenery and fantastic pubs.



A night in Nairobi, a multi-site Safari (oh wow!) and a few nights on the beach to wind down. Kenya is somewhere I would love to visit again.

Czech Republic

Four nights of world class lager, vast amounts of food and a fair dolop of culture to boot.


Nine nights of sun, sand and diving in the Arabian Gulf.