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Czech Republic

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Prague March 2004, death by Lager and Berikova. We were not sober.

Flew out on BMIBaby (cheap, bring your own food, drink, sick bag, etc.) for a drunken break in Prague. Stayed in the Elyse hotels which is very central and reasonably cheap (as hotels go - £60 for four nights late March) .The rooms are large, clean and we equipped, we had TV, mini-bar, phone, and a good en-suite bathroom.

Prague is a very nice city. It is however stuffed to bursting point tourists, pubs and restaurants. Whilst you will no doubt want to visit the classic tourist locations such as the Charles Bridge, the Opera House, Wenclesslas Square, and the castle, I would strongly advise you take yourself off for a walk round the less well known areas to get a feel for the real city. There are so many nice restaurants and bars to see whilst walking the streets between destinations you will be quite content to skip the trams or the metro!

Pub and Restaurant Recommendations

These are some pubs and restaurants we liked, but remember it’s just a set of personal (drunken) opinions.

Malostranska Pivnice

Malostranska Pivnice

Malostranska Pivnice A very nice traditionally styled Prague pub, the first place we sampled Breikova and traditional Czech food, very nice..

Red Hot & Blues, Jakubská 12, Prague 1. Tel 222 314 639 A very nice tex-mex and creole restaurant with live music (either blues or jazz, so pick your visit accordingly!) . We visited on a blues night, both the food and the music we excellent.

The portions are large, you may well want to share a starter! Be warned however that some of our fellow diners did complain that the burgers were either all salt or all garlic, but the tex-mex was most fantastic.