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England. What gives ?

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Ahh, England! Home of the cream tea, Yorkshire pudding, Pies, Chips, the Pub and rain. Its the rain that tends to put people off, but when you live here you tend to find ways of entertaining yourself when its raining (why do you think pubs are so popular?)

image of the Little John.

The Little John pub


Bunk barning; like camping but with a solid (heated) building to kip in. This is a nice spot just outside Sheffield but smack bang in the peak district. Very pretty, fantastic pubs (Take the Little John: one portion is enough for three normal meals and the bingo - trust me - is insane!)

Rosedale Abbey

Rosedale Abbey camping in the North York Moors, nice camp site (getting a bit anally retentive since joining the dreaded caravan club, but its a choice of one in this village). Great scenery and fantastic pubs.