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Spain. What’s the place like then ?

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image of Casa Batllo, designed by Gaudi.

Casa Batllo

A fantastic spot for a long weekend city break. Barcelona is a very interesting city, home to the 1992 Olympic games, and the Modenista movement in the 1900's, its an interesting sprawl of 4 to 5 story stone and brick city buildings with what seems like thousands of squares and churches, more bars (Hmm tapas...) and eateries than you could shake a stick at.

image of a tapas bar (Bar Hugo, Barcelona)

Bar Hugo

The cable car was closed due to wind when we went so we missed that, but do try it if you can (I’m told it very impressive). The Barcelona Sea Life Centre is very good, with the last tank featuring a circular tunnel round it’s edge where you stand on one of those airport baggage reclaim conveyor belts and get taken round !

Whilst there try out the tapas, its very nice. The small tapas bars can be wonderful places to while away the day. I lost count of just how often we went in to Bar Hugo for a spot of food and "vino tinto".