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Photos from round the world, and down the road.

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OK, it’s a home page, so I couldn’t just put the ubiquitous "here’s my photo album" page. Hopefully you’ll find something a little more pleasing than "This is me, this is my girlfriend, these are my cats..." stuff in the following pages. Mind you ultimately I just couldn’t resist the temptation to put some cheesy photos on the site


Ireland 2001, specifically Dublin. This was my second trip, I remembered the camera that time.


Egypt 1995 - Cairo, Aswan and a Nile tour.


Kenya 1996 - Safari tour, fantastic animals, you really should go see this.


Maldives, Meerufenfushi in 1999 and Kandooma in 2002 and then back to Meeru in 2007. Paradise islands with top notch diving.


Mexico 2001. The Yuccatan peninsular touring Mayan sites, spectacular.


Cheesy homepage photos. If your not me then you probably cant be bothered looking here.


Suzie’s B&W photos. Several bloody good photographs from Suzie’s collection.


Peter’s B&W photos.Several bloody good photographs from Peter’s collection.


Garden photos. My back garden looking its best during summer.


Spanish photos. Barcelona 2001, a great place for a city break.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic. Prague 2004, a gorgeous city and a very cheap spot for a short break.


Oman. Muscat 2006, a very nice spot for a winter diving break in the sun.


Rome. 2006, Very nice city for a visit, but no place for a bargain :-).


India. Northern Indai 2007, Fantastic place, very nice people, excellent ancient cultural artifacts. Always a nice cup of tea. what a civilised place :-).