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Czech Republic

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Prague. A long break with friends in a very attractive city break location. nice architecture and great bars and restaurants. go, its great.

Typical Prague shopping street

Typical Prague shopping street.

The "Fred and Ginger" house

The "Fred and Ginger" house.

The John Lennon wall

The John Lennon wall.

Fat boys - the least Czech bar we visited all week!

Fat boys - the least Czech bar we visited all week!

Prague Mar 2004-51_thumb.JPG

The cathedral.

Club Architecture - top food in the cellar

Club Architecture - top food in the cellar.

Prague Mar 2004-52_thumb.JPG

Art nouveau stained glass.

Prague Mar 2004-58_thumb.JPG

View from the castle.

Prague Mar 2004-62_thumb.jpg

Wall made of bodies!.

Prague Mar 2004-64_thumb.JPG

A proper bar with very good Czech food, our introduction to trampwarmer.

Prague Mar 2004-65_thumb.JPG

And its to a nice beer garden too.

Prague Mar 2004-68_thumb.JPG

The bottom of Wenclesslass square.

Prague Mar 2004-81_thumb.JPG

Inside "At the golden tiger".

Prague Mar 2004-74_thumb.JPG

And yes most of the buildings do look like this one.

Prague Mar 2004-82_thumb.JPG

"At the golden tiger".

Prague Mar 2004-84_thumb.JPG

Municipal Hall.

Prague Mar 2004-97_thumb.JPG

Probably the best lager in the world?

Prague Mar 2004-117_thumb.JPG

Prague Mar 2004-147_thumb.JPG

Dell boys car hire?

Prague Mar 2004-122_thumb.JPG