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Cairo and Nile Tour (Summer 1995)

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The year was 1995, the location Egypt. An excellent holiday (no diving but a half day of snorkelling that burnt me to a crisp!) This page contains thumb nails of some of that trip’s photos. These were all either taken by me or Suzie.

We did 3 nights in Cairo; saw the pyramids and the sphinx, the central bazaar and the main mosque. We then flew down to Abu Simbel, looked at the temple and flew to Aswan to start the Nile cruise.

The cruise (6 nights) takes you down the Nile (Duh!) in air conditioned comfort, dragging you out early (to avoid the worst of the heat) to countless Ancient Egyptian temples and significant sites. Words truly fail to explain just how fucking great these things are. You must see them for yourself.

Photographs were all taken during that holiday using an Olympus AF-1 a point and shoot 28mm lens 35mm film auto focus camera.

Abu Simbel Abu Simbel Singing Egyptian boys in a small boat Singing Egyptian boys in a small boat Feluccas Feluccas A nile sunse A Nile sunset Gizza pyramids Gizza pyramids Saqqara Saqqara Street shopping Temple roof Temple roof Kom Ombo temple Kom Ombo temple

Sharm (Summer 2001)

Our first visit to Sharm, picked due to its reputation as the closest spot to the UK with tropical waters, good diving, and low cost. We were not disappointed. Sharm is a rather tacky tourist resort. Not sure why you would go there if you didn’t dive, but if you do its great. The diving is spectacular. Just don’t expect any real Egyptian culture, or any entertainment other than restaurants, bars and hotels.

boat_and_reef_thumb.jpg The view from the boat at Jackson reef. giant_stride_thumb.jpg One giant stride to happiness morning_rush_thumb.jpg 9:30 in the morning on Sharm jetty sharm_street_thumb.jpg The main drag in Sharm

Sharm (Winter 2002)

A return visit, this time with several friends (several of whom started learning to dive here). A great place to take friends who love water for a hot cheap holiday. This was winter so expect about 20C to 25C in the sun, and a cool 15C at night. The water is a cool 23C, so pack a decent wet suit, and some fleeces or jumpers for the evenings and you’ll love it!

camel_thumb.jpg Camel trips, amusing but painful pool_thumb.jpg The pool at the Naama bay hotel. sharm_thumb.jpg The roads are a little quieter, you’ll only be asked for a taxi 5 times when crossing now! sun_rise_thumb.jpg Sun rise in the mountains xmas_in_sharm_thumb.jpg Xmas decorations!