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My (Suzie’s) Garden

This is a rough plan of the garden as it now is. With all the required utilitarian stuff (shed greenhouse, bins, compost, etc.) all hidden at the foot of the garden, we work our way towards the house past the decking under the huge old pear tree, the big boarders, apple tree and lawn to the patio and finally down the side of the house past the BBQ and into the shady fern border.

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Since moving in in October 1998 we have created this garden from what was essentially a garden suffering from many years of neglect. It contained several mature trees and shrubs, but was mostly weeds. We started by breaking up and removing the old concrete path (thanks for the help P.!) and then re-designed the layout from there. This page contains thumb nails of recent garden photos.

These were all taken by Suzie on the Olympus AF-10.

deck-1_thumb.jpg deck-2_thumb.jpg lion_thumb.jpg passage_thumb.jpg path_thumb.jpg patio-1_thumb.jpg patio-2_thumb.jpg shady_corner_thumb.jpg shed_end_thumb.jpg
image of garden before we started on it This is the garden as we inherited it on buying the house!