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Kenya - Safari Holiday

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The year was 1996, the location Kenya. Possibly one of the best holidays I’ve ever had (and I only went on 2 dives!). This page contains thumb nails of some of that trip’s safari photos. These were all either taken by me or Suzie.

Photographs were all taken using a Pentax P30, or Chinnon 35mm SLRS with either 70-210 zoom or 500mm Mirror lens with 400 ASA film. If you go on safari please don’t bother just bringing a snap-shot camera it wont do the view justice, you need a quality camera with fairly long lenses (the 500 was fantastic but often slight overkill) and fast film, as safari outing tend to be at dawn and ant dusk when animal activity it at its height, but light level are poor.

Unless you are lucky enough to be one of the idle rich, then odd on you wont get a chance to repeat a safari holiday, at least not quickly, so don’t be afraid to use that film, between Suzie and myself we must have taken 10 rolls of film, during this trip, and rejected the vast majority of shots (bad exposure, framing, or suddenly moving beast) ending up with a single photo album full of top-banana shots from a fantastic trip.

Baboon I.R. Baboon! cheetah crocodile Elephant flamingo flamingo Leopard Lion Rhino A grazing Thompsons Gazelle. Warthog - a.k.a. Pumba in Swahilli Zebra