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I’ve been diving around both Meeru and Kandooma. I managed to take a few under water photos when diving Kandooma.

Photos from paradise islands, the Maldives are spectacular, hot humid sunny, friendly, fantastic tropical coral seas and (usually) great coral sand beaches. not the place to go for night life, these islands are for relaxing.


Sorry about the quality of these photos, its my mum’s camera (could not find mine when we packed); it did not like me.

beach1 Tropical paradise or what? beach_bar The beach bar dive boats Dive boats island interior The island interior dive school Dive school fishing village The local fishing village saeed Saeed, my PADI OW instructor. hut A hut? No a very nice hotel room - mine! sunset Sunset sat at the beach bar.


That better, my own camera. My excuse for the bad photos - my new gadget a s-pix pocket digital "fun" camera.

beach11_thumb.jpg beach12_thumb.jpg beach4_thumb.jpg beach5_thumb.jpg beach6_thumb.jpg beach9_thumb.jpg evening1_thumb.jpg garden2_thumb.jpg garden3_thumb.jpg peir4_thumb.jpg grounds1_thumb.jpg hut2_thumb.jpg pier3_thumb.jpg pool_thumb.jpg sunset_thumb.jpg gardens1_thumb.jpg pete_thumb.jpg suzie2_thumb.jpg tree_thumb.jpg